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What is Commoninvest?

CommonInvest provides a legal framework for companies and investors to work together to finance growing businesses and create value.

CommonInvest helps companies to raise up to $5 million dollars per year through a simplified Securities and Exchange Commmision (SEC) registration process.

CommonInvest is a free service that brokers the interactions between companies and investors and helps to make sure the process is fair to all.

Companies put together their business and marketing plans and determine their financing needs.

Companies create bond and equity offerings as well as corporate profiles that inform potential investors and invite investmentment in the company's.

Companies may raise up to $1 million per year through an SEC Regulation D process or up to $5 million per year through the Regulation A process. CommonInvest will match each company with an attorney to help them create the appropriate financing and SEC registration documents.

Investors can learn about companies seeking financing, read their prospectuses, and interact with their management teams before they decide to invest.

Investors can choose to invest a few shares at a time or to take a larger position in a company.

Investors build portfolios of promising companies and share in the profits as these companies grow.

How It Works
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Companies create their plans and solicit financing
Investors select and build portfolios of companies
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Investors share the profits as companies grow

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